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Night bar new favorite, New Longwang hookah

Night bar new favorite, New Longwang hookah2018/6/25 4:49:59

Arabic hookahs are different from traditional hookahs in China. Originated in India. It was originally smoked through a coconut shell and a bamboo pipe. ...[ Details ]

Classification of water tobacco pot

Classification of water tobacco pot

Currently on the market can be seen everywhere....

2018/6/20 5:24:48
The origin of Arabia's water smoke

The origin of Arabia's water smoke

Hookah is a popular and healthy way of smoking in many countries around the world, especially in Arabia countries....

2018/6/20 5:20:59
What is the difference between a water gun and a kettle

What is the difference between a water gun and a kettle

Not much different from what water pipes and water pipes....

2018/6/20 5:17:46

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Zhongshan Xinlongwang Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City and was founded in 2006. Mr. Hou Qinggui, founder of the company, has a deep research on shisha. After starting from the salesman, he has accumulated a certain amount of experience. Established a new Longwang, nearly a decade of development and production of water gun styles, with a decade of experience in the production of hookah products. At present, there is a factory area of 2,000 square meters, which is a company that has been involved in the production of full-scale water guns in China. With water smoking accessories processing, stamping, spinning, die-casting, electroplating, welding, metal surface treatment, metal devices, spray paint and other production equipment and processing capabilities....【Details】

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